Amy Chapman-Smith

Amy Chapman-Smith

Amy Chapman-Smith
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7 new, beautiful coffee makers to make your morning cup even better

Not an early riser? Well, Martina Thornhill’s one-of-a-kind pour over knows exactly how you feel. Its raw-clay body is peppered with sleepy-eye glyphs for a dose of post-alarm sympathy.

negative space - ceramics texture

Reversed Volumes by Mischer’Traxler The use of ceramic powder, which becomes really hard without being fired, gives the possibility that each bowl is as unique as the actual used fruit /vegetable.

Incredible little incense holder

little house by Japanese brand, Lodge. The smoke coming out of the chimney is from the incense cone inside - it's a wee little incense pot. Each house is made individually by hand and great care has been taken to achieve a realistic looking surface.