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a bathroom with a tub, towels and candles
Indoor Furniture | Gardener's Supply
Rustic Side Table: Astoria Rolling Accent Table - Industrial Vibe #bathroomideasdecoration
the best plants for your bathroom that are easy to grow and care for all types of houseplants
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When it comes to indoor plants I aim to have at least one in every room of my house. Not only do they clean the air but they also help reduce stress. One room to find plants in is the bathroom. It isn’t all plants that can live in the wet and warm climate not …
the midnight in the tropics poster is shown with bottles and glasses on it
This cool table is a more eye catching way to display your alcoholism
a living room filled with furniture and pictures on the wall
10 Art Walls that Nailed it (Mochatini)
Blue mustards green
a potted plant sitting on top of a rug next to a table
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Grand ventre panier jonc de mer stockage Organisation par JDogandT
a bedroom with white walls and wooden flooring has a large palm tree in the corner
Morning corners! This DIY bench and the nightstands Sam built are some of my favorite pieces in the house. They started just as all projects do: I was showing Sam a photo of the style I wanted and he said "I could do that!" It was so much fun to watch him draw everything out, buy the materials and get to work. He even made his own wood stain! If you're in the DIY mood, you should check out @diyz_app. It's an amazing place to find ideas, watch how-to's and get pro advice for your projects. ...
a metal rack holding fruit and vegetables on a white wall with the words farmer's market above it
Start A Fire
DIY Farmer's Market Produce Rack for a fun way to store kitchen fruits and veggies!
a bedroom with green watercolor paint on the wall
Sink into smokey emerald tones. This watercolor wallpaper design captures layer upon layer of texture and interest for your walls. It's perfect for creating intrigue in modern bedroom spaces.