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because it is so real. STOP hurting your children with words. STOP silently watching the people around you hurt children with their words. Words have power. Use them to heal - not hurt

Stand up. I can't pin "The Protectors" anti-bullying site so I'm using someone else's cool graphic: Also, you can find them on Facebook

Wish I had people stand up for me. Instead they needed to be liked and stood with the bullies. My children have been taught to stand up to the bullies, as bullies can cause so much emotional damage.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. My students decorated my door to help raise awareness.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Think I'll have a door decorating contest at school this year!

Bullying: No Tolerance policy - Create this culture in the classroom - get kids to create a bullying infographic - class discussion on types of bullying, strategies etc.

Created in a Design for Good class. Anti-bully poster - a great photography/media project (design own anti-bullying poster with own photograph)