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a close up of a plant growing in a fenced area with the words sugar snap peas on it
Here's whats growing in my garden today - Raised Urban Gardens
Take care of your body and eat healthy. Grow your own. Here's a NEW easy way to garden on your patio, balcony or backyard. Grow your own food - it's the best! Blog with how to and tons of pictures. ~Mel @
some green plants are growing in the dirt
Happy Easter with pictures from my garden - Raised Urban Gardens
how to grow bell peppers in your backyard or on your patio. it's fun and easy. plans on link
some red and green plants growing in the dirt near eachother's leaves
32 Vegetables You Can Grow in Partial Shade
Vegetables you can grow in the Shade (updated url)
two tomatoes and one green tomato on the vine
How to Grow Tomatoes from Cuttings
how to grow tomatoes from cuttings
some plants are growing on the side of a building
Hidroponia, vertical vegetable garden -
several pots with plants in them sitting on the ground
Trädgårdsrundan - Gyllings trädgård i Glumslöv
Covering 5 gallon buckets with burlap and twine. This is a nice way to cover up used buckets that have ugly labels on them, and make your garden more attractive. I have 5-gallon buckets just waiting for some soil and seedlings, so I think I will try this out. :)
a stack of folded books sitting on top of each other next to a yellow ribbon
How to Make Your Own Seed Tape - Sarah Maker
broken glass with spoons on top of it in the middle of an area that looks like cracked glass
Save your eggshells and use around plants that are infested with slugs. It will deter them from crawling onto your plants from the ground up. Works and is free and earth friendly.
the garden is full of vegetables and plants growing in it's raised bed area
Post Punk Kitchen Forum • Information
mini green houses
a person is picking up radishes from a potted plant in the garden
Container Vegetable Gardens: Growing in pots, Indoor or Balcony Potted Gardening
Container Vegetable Gardening
there are plants growing in the basket on the ground
This potato growing method for a small space makes more sense to me than others that I've seen.
several tomatoes are growing on the vine
Bee Balm (Bergamot) improves tomato growth and flavor and attracts bees. Borage tends to strengthen growth and flavor in vegetables and discourages tomato hornworms and cabbage worms. Petunias repel the asparagus beetle, leafhoppers, certain aphids and tomato worms. (Plant them near tomatoes and throughout the garden.) Tomatoes like asparagus, Basil, Bee Balm, Borage, carrots, cucumbers, onions, Parsley and Petunias. They don’t like potatoes and members of the cabbage family. from:http://t...
a man kneeling down on top of a pile of dirt next to green grass and trees
Good Housekeeping | Hearst
7 Ways to Plant Potatoes
an outdoor garden with several plants growing in it
Use cattle panels to build an arched trellis & hoop house
Concrete re-mesh wire trellis for tomatoes, snap peas, and cucumbers. --> Would be a great feature in a school garden!