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My favorite is Sweden with the cats they really look like they are dancing too

Meanwhile in international stereotypes. Sweden and Finland are my favorite!

Only repost if you can read it

I could read it. Can you read it? Repost if you can please. --> I can read this. Its actualy pretty easy.

Drawing reference aging character

2 To 9 Heads - ANIME STANDART NOT REALITY ! by rika-dono* bluetaffy says: Great pic to see someone's version of stylistic anatomy through the ages.

B9AWc_8IQAMN9kx.png:large (336×800)

B9AWc_8IQAMN9kx.png:large (336×800)


Look at the most adorable cow lick in the world on the side of his head hhhhhh

The last part though- Sasha looks so heartbroken that she didn't get the candy thing!

<< this is a weird way to pass around candy. If I got the candy I would just eat it. There is no way I would let anyone else have it! (just look Jean's face in tehe