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a man standing on top of a fake mountain
Luciana Novo Work in Progress: Photo
a white and black object sitting on top of a table
a sculpture made out of ice and snow on top of a white block with colorful sprinkles
a ceramic sculpture of a castle on top of a hill
Exhibition | Akio Takamori, "The Beginning of Everything" at James Harris Gallery, Seattle | CFile - Contemporary Ceramic Art + Design
a white bird sitting on top of a colorful mountain range vase with mountains in the background
2016 Contemporary Northwest Art Awards - Portland Art Museum
there is a sculpture on the table that looks like mountains
Appreciating Innocence: The art of Akio Takamori - International Examiner
Mountain incense burner in auction.
a rock formation made out of rocks on a white surface with light coming from behind it
Curator Talk at the V & A Contemporary Korean Ceramics exhibition | London Korean Links
a ceramic sculpture with mountains and clouds on it's sides, against a white background
Blue Mountain - City Arts Magazine