Solomon Mortimer's work is included in the current exhibition at the gallery, Streets we have known, 3-28 June, 2014. His new artist's book. Solomon's Travels…
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an advertisement for the himalayan trust art auction, featuring images of buildings and cityscapes
The Himalayan Trust
Himalayan Trust Art Auction at Gus Fisher Gallery, 5.30pm Friday 5 June
a man standing on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean
Solomon Mortimer
Solomon Mortimer
a white book sitting on top of a wooden table
Artists - Anna Miles Gallery
Solomon Mortimer, Solomon's Travels Volume II, 2014, Edition of 45, 84 page stitch bound, hand pressed and folded, 210 x 152mm book Including 60 photographs, text and illustrations by Solomon Mortimer, $200
Krakow Matriarch - Solomon Mortimer George Gray, Donovan, St Park, Street Image, Coat, Cowl, Jon Snow
Krakow Matriarch
Krakow Matriarch - Solomon Mortimer
an old woman wearing a coat and hat with her hand in her pocket while standing next to a building
Solomon Mortimer - Anna Miles Gallery
Anna Miles Gallery | Solomon Mortimer
two men in overalls standing next to each other on a dirty street with trees and buildings behind them
Solomon Mortimer, Polski Painters, post lunch, 2012 from Across the seas
a man with red hair wearing a blue and white shirt in front of a black background
Solomon Mortimer, Me, 2013
a man in a suit and tie standing at a desk with stacks of records on the wall behind him
Solomon Mortimer, The Button Man, 2012
a man sitting on top of a red wall wearing sunglasses and a blue shirt with white stripes
Solomon Mortimer, Self Portrait as Donovan Pinkerton, 2011
black and white photograph of a young man wearing a t - shirt with an angry look on his face
Solomon Mortimer, Sol Big Hair, 2012
Solomon Mortimer, Porto cigarette, from Across the seas Tops, Seas, Mens Tops, Sea
Solomon Mortimer, Porto cigarette, from Across the seas
an old man standing on a dock by the water
Solomon Mortimer, Welshman, 2012
a black and white photo of a man sitting in the back of a van with his legs crossed
Solomon Mortimer, Tuba Lady, 2012
an old black and white photo of two people playing frisbee
Solomon Mortimer, Stephan & Terase, 2012
two men standing next to each other in front of a tree and grass covered field
Solomon Mortimer, Old Accomplices, 2012