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Colored pencils organized in rainbow order / 19 Pinterest Projects Ain’t Nobody Got Time For (via BuzzFeed)

Colored pencils organized in rainbow order. Each colored pencil is in a certain place to give it a rainbow affect. This is framing because all the pencils is being framed in the shelve. It's also balance as the pencils are in rows and the same size.

I may have James add this to the flip side, if I can find all of the pieces. :-) A full Lego table with this in the middle. We can have the kids put the mini-figs together, and then I'll take them home and "Cragle" them :-)

Being a sci-fi nerd and former chess club representative, I was in love at the first glance of a Star Wars chess set made from legos. But upon further inspection, I noticed that Yoda is missing from the set.