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choppy bangs

Choppy hairstyles can be made from short, long and medium length hairs. Short hairstyles with choppy haircut are wonderful and they can .

This is a beautiful feather extension with real feathers including magenta grizzly, magenta solid, natural grizzly, cream, and black. There are 6 feathers in this extension that are 9-12 inches long with 3 grizzly feathers. The extension is slightly layered and has a total length of 11-12. These are soft flowing quality feathers and can be treated just like your hair.    6 feathers are bonded at the tip, with a salon glue to create one long extension. If you wish to have your feathers sent…

Feather Extensions Pink, Fuchsia, Magenta Grizzly 6 Hair Feathers Bonded Bundle XL Feather Hair Extension With Threader