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an advertisement with three small dolls dressed in different colors and sizes, including one wearing a green hat
Haitian Metal Art, Vampire Girl, Type Shi, Vampire Boy, Vampire Girls
three small black dolls with red eyes in front of a sign
E-Moe Diy Halloween Decorations, Voodoo Dolls Diy, Halloween Crochet Patterns
several crocheted toys are shown in different colors
string dolls
a pink and purple stuffed animal wearing a hat
Fun gifts for any occasion! Available now at Apricot Lane Boutique Virginia Beach!
an image of a stuffed doll with musical notes
Mozart String Doll Keychain from Thailand
Mozart ensures that you will be an inspiration to your peers, so keep him with you when practicing the piano, composing a symphony, or just belting it out at karaoke!"...ensures that you will be an inspiration to your peers."String dolls are made from one continuous piece of string! Our string doll artists are based in small villages in the mountains outside of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Crafting String Dolls is the main occupation for most of our artisans, which means a reliable income an
String Doll Keychain Ghost Keychain, Feel Invisible
The Ghost
No need to host a seance to make sure people listen to you. The Ghost makes sure you never feel invisible.
String Doll Keychain
This little Punkin' is adorable! Debuting in 2005, he was created before string dolls had more bells and whistles, and we love him just the way he is. BONUS: He keeps the evil spirits at bay, all the while being sweet as pie! That’s a pretty good combination if we may say so ourselves.
a green teddy bear with a heart on it's chest
Halloween Voodoo Ragdoll Free Embroidery Design
Halloween Voodoo Ragdoll Free Embroidery Design