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an elf is sitting on top of legos with the caption best elf on the shelf i've seen this year
Bob Ross Elf
Winter, Howdy, Fun, Holiday Fun, Jingle, Elfontheshelf
a drawing of a man wearing a santa hat with the words, i was the prize before christmas and all through the hzzzle
Rap Theme Christmas Party
a green elf doll sitting on top of a counter next to cups and a sign
SNOOPS time to go
Christmas Cheer, Silly
Thanks for the butt brush elf
a green stuffed doll next to a bottle of boojuice and an empty glass bottle
DONNY Snoop On A Stoop Christmas Elf Doll Birthday Festival Gifts Elf Doll Home Decoration Funny Decoration 2022 New Give Boy - Resin powder
a green stuffed animal sitting on top of a counter
Cheap wax
an elf is laying on the ground with cookies in front of him and his name spelled out
Elf On The Shelf Naughty Ideas + Slightly Inappropriate
an elf with candy in front of a candy shop box on a granite countertop
an elf is sitting on top of silver shoes with a sign that says i shinned your shoes for you
Pin by Nicole Pratt-McDermott on Jack 2021 | Elf activities, Elf fun, Xmas elf
an elf is sitting in front of some cupcakes
the floor is littered with red, white and green candies next to a blender