Amber Forte
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This is a very detailed continuous line drawing that unlike my own has colour incorporated in it. I like the attention to the finer details that are left out by a lot of continuous line artists. The shading is shown in this detailing by drawing the outlines of the shadow created. Cross hatch has also been used to create definition between the body and the other elements like hair and clothing.

I don't have the artist name to credit, comment if you know- I think I now understand why I haven't been able to cry lately. It's because if I did I would drown in my tears.

exquisitely detailed line drawing  I think this line drawing is amazing because the close attention to detail, and the line variety. Also, not to mention the skill this person has.

Pen and ink flower. "Pen and ink of a flower is usually heavy on exaggerated values to deepen effect of curves in images. This is most of the time very necessary in the choice of subject." - Carlo de Leon Art Opinions™ LOVE this