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You either see the letter or the girl. Don't text and drive.

Don't text and drive: you either see the letter or the danger. This is a fantastic example of how clever use of space can make a big impact. An innovative idea that really drives home the dangers of while driving. by Leo Burnett for FIAT

I love geometrics would like something akin to this, I like the contrast of the bright colour against the grey/purple tones. ~very similar design to a quilt top I designed in the

A good example of contrast using color that forms a strong focal point even though the visual elements are overlapped upon one another however the contrast makes the emphasized element stand out.

French festival poster: This striking poster is from Paris-based designers Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez who operate under the name Helmo. with type that has three colors that create other colors so fun.

"Think" Vintage light bulb graphic poster.

Original Think Graphic wall decor, the typographic art print with beautiful distressed look bring a simple and vintage feel to your wall decor. For those who love to think, and vintage light bulbs!

Typographic work by Charles Williams, on Creative Journal: a showcase of inspiring design, art, architecture and photography.

APRIL• Simple graphics effectively convey the meaning of the title. Figure and Ground relationship of man's shadow is well executed here that add a sense of mystery. Additionally, the use of classic colours of the figure forms a strong visual contrast. Brown background looks retro.

Pelican book The Lost Weekend cover art by Jerome Martin. The Second Man book cover by Paul Rand: 1956 love this book cover.