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Oh, Crowley.

Supernatural just hijacked this and Crowley is just there like: "Hello Darling, I hope you weren't thinking you could post this without Supernatural coming up, cause if you were don't.

Supernatural: Crowley

From perspective, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) seems like a good fit to be the King of Hearts. He's the King of Hell, so maybe he can be the King of Hearts for this Supernatural special.

I love that this is a thing. I love SuperWho!!!

Mark Sheppard - LOVE when Fandoms collide :D he's Crowley, but also Canton Everett Delaware III

A+ use of that Crowley gif.

A+ use of that Crowley gif. I'm going to use this for Valentine's Day!

Crowley Oh how I love Mark Sheppard! His voice makes me go weak in the knees.

Reactions ft results I am a dark elf-.D Natasha is my best friend Jane is my lover Tony saves me Bucky has a crush on me Hulk is my enemy And Natasha kills.

Crowley and friend

Crowley and his Hellhound. I could never love another demon the way I love Crowley. also, isn't his hellhound a girl though?