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an open box filled with different colored shapes and materials to make a paper frog craft
Invitation to play with shapes | Clare's Little Tots
invitation to play with shapes, fun learning idea for shapes, colours and patterns for toddlers and preschoolers.
an image of a desk with maths on it and other items sitting on the table
Maths Investigation Area for Open-Ended Learning - The Imagination Tree
Reggio Emilia Preschool Classroom | area for playful maths investigations at home or in the classroom ...
two wooden boxes filled with seashells sitting on top of a blue tile floor
Our Classroom Environment: Getting Set Up To Be The Third Teacher
Those who are familiar with the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education know the emphasis it puts on the physical environment of the classroom...
rocks are arranged on paper and placed next to each other, with small letters spelling them out
Playful Families. Playful Schools. Playful World.
Use loose, natural materials both indoors and outside to teach classifying skills.
a basket with toothbrushes in it sitting on a table next to a sign that says can you make these shapes?
Reggio-inspired mathematics: geometry kit
Can you make these shapes? Challenge young children to use craft sticks to make a range of 2D shapes
there are many items on the table for making numbers and counting them into placemats
inquiry Archive
inquiry Archive - Mathematics and Science in SD#38 (Richmond)
there is a table that has some sort of toys in the trays on it
A sorting provocation. The first discussion asked children what they thought sorting was. As a lead up question children were asked what things we sort in our classroom. Here are some responses which supported their understanding and linkage to real life applications: sorting materials at construction, sorting in the Tenzies game, sorting the Russian Dolls, sorting our kind of writing (e.g. lists, books, cards, etc.), sorting markers, paint brushes, and books.
a wooden table topped with lots of toys and writing on the wall next to a ruler
Interactive maths display - measuring length
the table is set up with various items for making jewelry and cards on it,
Reggio-inspired mathematics: number kit
Here's a great example of a number station designed for math play.
the table is set up with many different items
Math invitation for kindergarten students. "Can you finish the number story?"
a table with dices and cards on it next to a sign that says how many ways can you make 6?
montessori card display tray
One to one correspondence. Link just goes to google, but this is a good idea for an interactive display
a wooden table topped with two boxes filled with beads and other items on top of it
Our 2015 Learning Environment!
Thinking and Learning in Room 122: Our 2015 Learning Environment!