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Got7 and Bangtan hahaha the last one :) :)

and Bangtan- don't really know BTS really well yet, but I plan on it. At the moment Rap Monster is my fave. I have a feeling he's a different kind of trouble maker than Jackson.

#BTS fanart

Bts fan arts Why all these girls always have long hair T.

One date with BTS....a.k.a ARMY Why are you so freakin talented! Man i want to be with SUGA Who do you want to be with tell me in the comments below!

One Date with BTS.a ARMY, why are you so freaking talented? This is so beautiful *.

BTS predebut

They all look so cute! And the grew up to be such talented boys and young men

J-Hope, Rap Mon, Suga and Jungkook then and now...

J-Hope, Rap Monster, Suga + Jungkook - Bangtan

xD | V | RapMon | Jimin | BTS

Poor Jimin xD They're always teasing him, it's not fair >_<


lolol Bangtan Boys "bad boys" what no they are all cinnamon rolls af tbh