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Daily Odd Compliment | Im surprised there are still daily odd compliments I havent seen. Lol. :)

I really like that you understand my sarcasm because it's an advanced form and not everyone gets it.

Daily Odd Compliment: LOL. I could totally see myself saying this to someone, thus creating what they call an "awkward" moment. Seriously, what are they anyway?

Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Schmeltzer treadwell and I can talk for HOURS in nothing but Friends quotes. Im sure she could do movies too, but my quotes knowledge is limited elsewhere. :o) I heart you, friend!

daily odd compliment

Just shush your mouth. You had me at "hello". Which was actually directed to the person next to me, but it worked, nonetheless.

If anybody knows me they would say the floor the walls and all the sharp corners are best of friends.

You just happen to be really friendly with the floor and the walls - Story of my life -

daily odd compliment

daily odd compliment ahahaa these make me laugh, this is me minus the exciting and cute. And kind of

"Overrated Normal"

Daily odd compliment, potentially funny or creepy pickup line. It's all about the delivery. And person.