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Final Fantasy, Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age, Dark Angel, Final Fantasy Sephiroth, Fantasy, Dnd, Fandoms, Vampire
Astarion <3 Baldur’s gate 3 bg3
some comics are being drawn in the style of an animated character, and they look like they
a man sitting at a table with a glass of wine in front of him and another person standing next to him
a man sitting on the ground next to two wine glasses
a man with grey hair wearing a black shirt
a man standing in front of a red curtain and wearing a shirt with ruffles on it
an image of a man with white hair and beards in the video game devil may cry
Pretty Men, Vampire Boy, Poses, Human, Bard
a painting of a man with white hair and red shirt on his chest, surrounded by stars
a man with white hair and blood on his body
a woman wearing a cowboy hat with the caption save a horse ride a cowboy
the woman is dressed in an elaborate outfit and holding a wine glass to her face