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Monte Sibilla is a mountain of Marche, Italy. It resides in the southeast corner of the Sibillini Mountains National Park, a branch of the Central Italian Apennines.

The world’s biggest climbing wall

excalibur holland climbing wall I almost wonder how many people come every day! Do you have to get a special pass? Do they kick you out after 45 minutes? How do they regulate traffic to the biggest unnatural climbing wall in the world?

have I not said that climbing is like dancing on rock, and that is why dancers can be great climbers - 'precise footwork'

me and my friend combined feet and this what happened. dance and climbing and we get a dancer, wearing climbing shoes, doing pointe.

Glass Skywalking Around Tianmen Mountain, China

At least 4000 feet in the air a three-foot-wide walkway clings to one face of Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China, above a rocky ravine. With a glass bottom, the tourist attraction provides a crystal-clear view of where one wrong step could take you.