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an abstract painting with words written on it
Contemporary Calligraphy by Kirsten Burke - Poem: "Lie Sleepless" by William Wordsworth
a black and white painting with words written on it
The Berlin Calligraphy Collection: Günter Gnauck
Günter Gnauck, 1931 – 2004. Die Kunst will von uns..., o. J., 32 x 60 cm, BSK 1,430
a drawing of a bird with the word spring written on it's back side
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Luca Barcellona #calligraphy
a black and white painting with the letter e in cursive writing on it
Christel Llop Caligraphy
Christel Llop calligraphy
a black and white drawing with words in the shape of a circle on top of it
Kalligraphische Schriftvorlagen von Johann Hering zu Kulmbach - Johann Hering 1624-1634 (Bamberg)
'Kalligraphische Schriftvorlagen' (calligraphic writing styles) was produced in the 1620s in Germany by the scribe, Johann Hering.