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a movie poster with the statue of liberty on it's back and words written in english
Deja vu (1990)
Dezha vyu (1990) - IMDb
a poster with an eyeball in the middle
The Projection Booth Podcast
The Projection Booth Podcast
Горлищев С. Retro, Vintage Posters, Cold War, Communist Propaganda, Soviet Union, Postcard, Postcards, Soviet Art
Горлищев С.
an old magazine cover with a man standing in front of a radio tower and the words cmeha on it
Смена | Старые журналы
Смена 1931 №01
an image of a man standing in front of a crowd with his hand up to the sky
The Artistic Explosion in Turn-of-the-Century Soviet Russia
Gustav Klutsis, “Millions of workers! Join the socialist competition!” (C.1927) sketch for a poster; photomontage, collage, pencil and gouache on cardboard 44 x 34.8 cm; Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga (© Collection of Latvian National Museum of Art)
an old poster with a man holding a machine
History Photography and Graphic Design
an image of a poster with the words russian and english in black, red, and white
an abstract painting with red and black shapes
Red Star Over Russia at Tate Modern: Everything you need to know
Red Star Over Russia, El Lissitzy, Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge, 1920
an image of a man holding his hand up in the air with other people around him
The Russian Civil War 1917-1922
The Russian Civil War 1917-1922 – Sirius Cyrus
a poster with an image of a man holding a basketball in his hand and the words constructive rise above it
Le constructivisme Russe s'affiche
Exhibition poster by Solene Mouraux.
an image of a statue holding a flag
The Story Of The Russian Revolution
an old propaganda poster with a man holding a sign in front of him and the words russian on it
Soviet Retro Posters3
Soviet Retro Posters3 on Behance