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misterlupin: first in the series of mbti character things (i started with my own type) i just want to make it clear that a lot of the negatives could also be seen as positives, and that most of these traits were either taken from type sites or from personal experience & research so some may be inaccurate if you can’t read any of the points, please tell me! and if a more in depth description of the type is needed i’ll definitely help you out if you shoot me an ask! (please don’t delete this…

[OK BUT being very sensitive is not inherently bad, that's society stuff. Sensitivity is key for a lot of bad-ass activities as well as creative artsy stuff AND fuck this for listing 'eccentric' on the negative end. What the eff is that!

A ideia do dip-dye é dar um toque de cor à peça, deixando bem marcada a divisória entre as tonalidades (via Clique e saiba mais sobre a tendência dip-dye na decoração! #DipDye #Decoracao #Customizacao #Cores

I hate the word upcycled, and probably wouldn't go for the pink, but this chair is pretty cute, except for the leg tearing studs, which are hideous and stupid. Upcycled Dalston chair dip dye studs - Die lijkt me nou leuk op mn hobbykamer!

INFP - sooo true, I have long list of things I want to learn and do but I get distracted between them because I want to LEARN ALL THE THINGS

INFP--Not all those who wander are lost. (LOTR, by a famous INFP, Tolkien) - (I tested out for INFJ but this sounds much like me as well)

Dinara Mirtalipova

mirdinaraI can't believe I have been painting this for over a year now))) Every time I have leftover paints I keep on adding to the painting, in order to not waste the precious and expensive Acryla Gouche paints 😉. I love Acryla Gouache, but once

White Cake, Pink Frosting and fresh strawberries + Meringe Kisses Recipe / Historias del ciervo

White Cake, Pink Frosting and fresh strawberries + Meringe Kisses Recipe / Historias del ciervo


Details of Roberta Einer Graduate S/S collection: A vfile by Designer VFILES: Connect, discover, collaborate, and be part of what’s next.