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Chrome Les Paul with gold hardware.I'd rather have chrome hardware so it looks invisible. That or black hardware. Anything but gold.

PRS 10th anniversary Private Stock. Now that is a cool guitar. I love that color. Purple mist. I want a PRS in that color. Love the inlays on this guitar though, really cool. Makes the guitar stand out.

PRS Guitar - dark navy blue - purple quilt look with ornate fretboard. anniversary Private Stock in Purple Mist.

GuitarQueue - ESP EC-1000 EVERTUNE Black Electric Guitar (

I want to learn how to play electric guitar so i can get one of these black giitars because they are so beautiful!

Zanni Ibiz Gold Long Nose Mask

Authentic Venetian Masks, Masquerade Masks and Velvet Hooded Cloaks

Leather mask workout "Zanni"

Leather mask workout "Zanni"

leather masks | ... leather particular venetian mask art comedy model fully created with

Arguably the dumbest character on stage, which is why his nose is so long. The mask usually consists of this nose, small eyes and made to look as if the Zanni is always thinking/puzzled.

Zanni Harlequin Clown Leather Mask Arlequin Commedia by LMEmasks

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Zanni Mask: Antique Honey Image

This hand-painted paper mache mask is approximately from the back of the mask to the tip of the nose. The mask features a beak that curves down and outward from the face.

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This is a Zanni venetian mask that has been worn during the Carnival of Venice…