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When I look at you I see something I've never seen before... You're not from this planet... The world has done you wrong... But you are magic despite and because of.

Intense: In one of the black and white shots, Ruby is seen sitting in the bath, staring intently at the camera with her arm tattoos on full display and her freshly washed jet black hair falling over her face

Ruby Rose, photographed by Brad Triffit

For Ruby Rose, these words mean finally saying “f*** you” to the insecurities that have always accompanied her sexuality. An exclusive interview with the one and only Ruby Rose.

ruby rose

“ ixbad: “ Ruby Rose ” I’m obsessed with her, what the hell.

Ruby Rose, Lesbian, Music Videos

Ruby Rose And Cara Delevigne photoshoot collage

TheArtOfPhotograthy / Ruby Rose And Cara Delevigne photoshoot collage

Ruby Rose Inspires Others To Break Free From Gender Expectations With Short Film

Ruby Rose experienced confusion concerning her own gender and identity during her childhood – at one point she had even considered sex-reassignment surgery.