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the moon shines brightly in the night sky over a stone bench and moss covered ground
How to shoot stunning landscapes by the light of the moon
Spinsters Rock, Drewsteignton, Devonshire, England -
Celebrities, Romans, Dancing Aesthetic, Heide, Bard
The Solstice and the Supermoon
the stonehenge monument is located in an open field
Pentre Ifan, Nevern, Pembrokeshire, Wales
a drawing of a woman with her hands in the air, surrounded by other people
(for) the hermit
by Patrycja Podkościelny
two young men hugging each other in the woods, one with tattoos on his chest
people standing around a fire with their arms in the air
people dancing in front of a fire with their hands up and arms out to the side
an aerial view of stonehenge in the woods
Druidry and Politics
some people are dancing around a fire with their hands in each others's pockets
Portrait, Portraits, Nymph, Renoir, Beautiful, Kunst
an old cemetery in the woods surrounded by tall grass and trees with flowers growing on it
​Doll Tor stone circle
sunlight streaming through three stained glass windows in a church with green border around the edges