Helleborus perennial

Hellebore Blue Metallic Lady, Some of the Best Hellebores around for Stunning Spring Planting. Easy to grow, perennial hellebores are excellent for bringing early spring colour to a border.

Helleborus Ivory Prince  I really want to try these in pots by my front door if I could only find them somewhere.

Helleborus Ivory Prince (Lenten Rose, Hellebore)

Helleborus Ivory Prince Lenten Rose, Hellebore h zones evergreen early buds burgundy pink

Helleborus odorus

Helleborus odorus - picture 1 - The Bulgarian flora online



Cherry Blossom Helleborus

Cherry Blossom Winter Jewel Hellebore - Single - at Portland Nursery

Helleborus x hybridus

Plants that flower in winter and early spring are a delight to the senses and such a surprising sight. The Hellebores are setting flowe.

Hellebore nursery in Ulriksdal, Sweden. Luscious pink - more lusciousness at www.myLusciousLife.com

Hellebore nursery in Ulriksdal, Sweden.wonder if I can grow this in Indy?