детская больница

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the table and chair sizes are shown for each individual to see in their own size
the bathroom is shown in blue and white, with an individual standing next to it
Schema installazione bagno bambini
Autism Colour Palette Ideas, Color Palette, Colour Palette, Color Palette Design, Color, Colour, Purple Color Palettes, Universal Design
Autism-Friendly-Design | ga architects | London | United Kindom
Autism Colour Palette
the diagram shows how many people can use different areas to see what they are doing
a long hallway with blue walls and white trim
Hospital Handrails & Health Interiors Sydney & Australia Wide
the temperature chart for different countries
Цветовая температура
a woman walking down a hallway in an office building
Sarasota Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Addition - Gresham Smith
an empty room with glass walls and blue flooring
Corridors easing intra hospital mobility
an empty hospital room with medical equipment on the walls and in the doorway, there is a blue floor
First Hill Ambulatory Surgery Center
a person walking down a long hallway in an office building with white walls and doors
Потолок в коридор госпиталя