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Crystal Seashells Borax Crystal Growing Science Experiment

This season try a crystal seashells borax crystal growing science experiment! A fun chemistry experiment and science craft in one. Summer science for kids!

Quiet book

this is a page from a quiet book Serving Pink Lemonade made. The whole thing is amazing, but this page in particular could be used in a lot of different ways for learning about the seasons and trees.

ABC book...a felt figure that starts with the letter in each pocket. Adorable!

ABC book: a felt figure in each pocket that starts with the letter.


Wondering when you should talk to kids about sex? And what to tell them? How do we 'keep our kids safe”? Talking about sex rationally, without shame. Here’s guidelines on what to share with kids about sex at each age or stage.

Month 2 baby play activities - Stargazing Box :: infant development, plagiocephaly, flat head, torticollis, newborn

Simple, DIY play activity for newborns. Easily modified to promote head turning for babies with flat head syndrome or positional plagiocephaly. Also great exercise for babies with torticollis.