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the inner game of the typographic universe
Poster, Layout and Design, Typography, Graphicdesign — The Inner Game of Design
a black and white poster with lines coming out of the bottom half of it, that reads h2
Leonardo Sonnoli, h21, 2000
an advertisement for the tribe film festival in front of a subway car with its doors open
Best Type Designs of 2016
Tribeca Film Festival: Join us, 3 More
the mountains are covered in snow and there is a hexagonal box on top
51 Striking Minimalist Poster Designs – Bashooka
51 Striking Minimalist Poster Designs
four different posters with the same image on them, each showing an individual's face
Miss Modular
#poster #design / by Cristiana Couceiro
the sky is filled with clouds and there are mountains in the background that appear to be made out of paper
Magdiel Lopez
ideas, inspiracion y tutoriales sobre diseño digital. Digital design inspiration.
an assortment of yellow and black brochures with different designs on them, including the words
Polifónicas Imágenes Delictivas | Diseño Editorial
Polifónicas Imágenes Delictivas | Editorial by Tatiana L., via Behance
an image of a web page on the phone
Triangles and layout
a man with glasses and a beard in front of a white v - shaped poster
Varg Eyewear Advertisements by Ross Sweetmore, via Behance. Nice way to break up the image and direct the viewer's eye. Very modern, very hipster.
the cover art for academic's new album, vcyddenic
Hamilton Christian School Yearbook - 2011
Hamilton Christian School Yearbook - 2011 by Number Ninety Two Studio , via Behance