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Abbey Peters

Inspired by soulful living, welcoming spaces, memorable gatherings and all things lovely. And a few spectacular cocktail recipes for good measure...
Abbey Peters
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Open and Aware - Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

The ultimate essential oil blend website! Easily find what blends you can make based on the oils you have.

Salmon Summer Salad | Fish Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes

Grilled Mackerel Salad is a tasty summer dish; courgette and beans bulk out the salad and work perfectly with the mackerel to make a tasty fish dish.

Socca pizzas

This is our simplest, tastiest pizza base recipe - a quick and easy combo of chickpea flour, salt and water. Top with a colourful array of flavours and textures, from heritage tomatoes to eye-catching chioggia beetroot, not forgetting the melted cheese!

This is a very easy pudding. It's simple and rustic, it's hot and sweet. Mix up our almond topping, known as a frangipane, spread it over half a peach and roast. The result is individual little puds that look like muffins or mini peach cobblers with soft "peachy bottoms". They have a crumbly cake layer in the middle with a smooth, crunchy golden top - "like an amaretti biscuit" said our Italian friend Stephanie.

Roasted frangipane peaches We’re peachy keen on raw peaches with raw, full-fat cream (!) but this is the one time of year that you can roast a peach and get away with it. Peach season starts in July -.

Think Positive - Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Think Positive - Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Positive Thinking Diffuser Blend- Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, and Cypress

“Ditch the Witch” calming diffuser blend 2 drops grounding blend 2 drops calming blend 2 drops lavender essential oil 2 drops orange essential oil

Young Living Essential Oils Diffuser Blend- Italian Spring, Bergamot, Lemon and Cypress

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