Jackie Scoggins
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Here’s a simple recipe for rainbow glitter salt dough for making coloured models to harden and keep! There are so many ways to play with this extremely low-cost salt dough and it’s loved by older kids too.

Warm Fuzzy Jar! When students are caught being kind they get a "warm fuzzy" to put in the jar.  When the jar is full have a class party!

Don't you love that warm, fuzzy feeling? The jar says: Do something kind and get a warm fuzzy. Put it in the jar. When the jar is full you get a class party! Can easily modify for home behaviors - positive reinforcement.

have you filled a bucket today activities | ... help remind us what it means to be a bucket filler and a bucket dipper

Clutter-Free Classroom: Bucket Filler Anchor Chart {INSPIRED} Will do this after reading Have You Filled a Bucket Today. I love it!

Music videos for brain breaks

A fifth grade classroom and they were singing the song "What I Am" by Will.Am. And Yes, it's a song he sang on Sesame Street. But these fifth graders were LOVING it. Their teacher told me this was their new theme song.