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A collection of traditional Hama Bead Snowflake patterns using white & clear midi beads and small hexagon pegboard. Hama Bead Snowflakes in white beads on a small hexagon pegboard. It’s a good idea to fill the rest of the board with clear beads if you want these to be Christmas Decorations, leaving one space for a hanging hole, to make them stronger; the clear gives it an extra sparkle. They also look nice on other background colours.

Latest 45 Easy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails 2016

Okay, if you guys didn't already know, I used to bite my nails up until this year, so they are pretty short. But lately I've been obsessing with painting my nails, which is kinda hard with them being so short, so this is perfect for me. Yay! :)

Paleo Mini Lemon Tarts (grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free)

Easy Christmas Tree Brownies

Easy and cute. I didn't even use the candy cane stump and still cute. Cut the two straight lines lengthwise first, then cut the diagonal lines. Switch back and forth checking to make sure you make triangles. The frosting might be good flavored with mint.

30 ideias criativas para turbinar a festa infantil - Dicas da Japa

20 Gripping Page-Turners Every Twentysomething Woman Should Read

The best books are so engrossing they make you forget anything but the worlds their authors have created.