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Doubtful Sound flights take you to a more remote area of the South Island’s rugged West Coast. Sometimes called “the Sound of Silence” there is a cloistered serenity within Doubtful Sound that is a contrast with its near neighbour, Milford Sound.
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Doubtful Sounds Mountains

Doubtful Sound is a haven of nature with ancient rainforest, abundant wildlife and superb physical grandeur.

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Visitors feel humbled yet uplifted by the atmosphere of powerful solitude in the presence of the superb physical grandeur of Doubtful Sound.

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Cruise or kayak between the sheer rock faces and waterfalls of New Zealand's most dramatic fjord in search of dolphins, seals and penguins.

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At 421 metres deep, the Doubtful Sound is the deepest of the fiords and is long and winding with three distinct 'arms' and several outstanding waterfalls in the area from Deep Cove to the open ocean, a distance of around kilometres.

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Doubtful Sound flights take you to this beautiful but slightly remote region of New Zealand, bringing you up close to natural splendour.

Kiwi Adventure: March 2014

Kiwi Adventure: March 2014