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a person holding a tortilla on top of a plate filled with vegetables and meat
Healthy Veggie Wrap - With herb chickpea puree, sweet potatoes, fennel salad and pickled onions
You must try this easy wrap recipe! A nutritious healthy wrap perfect to eat after a workout, to take on the way to your next adventure or to munch on during a quiet picnic by the sea.In addition to wraps, chickpea puree is good on sourdough bread and chickpeas - or why not eat with a salad of roasted root vegetables, quinoa and avocado! Get the recipe at aimn.com
chocolate matcha loaf with whipped cream and fresh fruit on top, sitting on a cooling rack
Chocolate Matcha Loaf - vegan, dairy free, high fibre, healthy fats, low in sugar | aimn.com
The combination of matcha and chocolate is unbelievably good. Sweetened with only dates, moist from the healthy fats: olive oil and flax seeds, soft and well risen. The coconut yoghurt frosting and fresh berries add some light sweetness to it. Plus this recipe is free from any animal products! Vegan baking has been known to be typically difficult, but this recipe will show you that you can have a healthy vegan cake that's also delicious! READ RECIPE AT aimn.com
blue smoothie bowl with strawberries, bananas, peanut butter and coconut milk on top
Blue Smoothie Bowl - With frozen bananas, peanut butter and coconut milk 🍌🥜🥥
Try this delicious smoothie bowl by our aim’n wellness foodie @elsaswholesomelife. Super easy and healthy with just a few ingredients. Mix it all together, add some yummy toppings and enjoy with a smile on your face. 😃😋
four pieces of bread with different toppings on them
Tahini Banana Bread - The only banana bread recipe you'll ever need | aimn.com
The only Banana bread recipe you’ll ever need; easy to bake, moist, delicious and perfectly sweet! Filled with tahini that gives this banana bread a delicious nutty flavor. Remember, the more yellow the peel of the bananas you’re using are, the sweeter your bread will be. 🍌 Have your slices with both savoury and sweet toppings; avokado, fennel and tomatoes, or any fresh cheese of your choice with light tahini, maple syrup and sesame seeds are favourite combinations!
a person holding a bowl filled with pasta and spinach pesto on top of it
Tahini and spinach pasta with toasted pine nuts - A hearty, creamy and tasty pasta 🌱Ready in 15 min
Try this delicious Tahini and spinach pasta. A plantbased, vegan, vegetarian and creamy pasta - ready in 15 minutes! This easy Spinach Pasta recipe can be made with your favorite type of pasta. READ RECIPE AT AIMN.COM 😋😋😋