Aimee Lomax

Aimee Lomax

Christchurch / Aspiring graphic designer
Aimee Lomax
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Glass House - Lake Abraham, Alberta, Canada.  Frozen bubbles

Frozen Bubbles, Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada Bubbles trapped and frozen under a thick layer of ice creating a glass type feel to the frozen lake. Image Credit : Paul Christian Bowman - reminds me of the plates of woe from Ice Age

Shop for Stein World Anna Chest, and other Living Room Chests and Dressers at Union Furniture in Union,Missouri. Lovely hand-painted vintage green apothecary style chest features a faded goldenrod floral motif and three drawers.

Ed Org - Gallery

"Arian Lily" [detail] -- by Ed Org [Although probably not intended to be, this drawing reminds me of the some of the kinds of illustrations found in "fairy tales.

Owl tattoo by Musa / Studio: Tribo tattoo in Prague, Czech Republic

Amazing owl watercolor tattoo on full back for girls - tree tattoo – The Unique DIY Watercolor Tattoo which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY Watercolor Tattoo ideas on owl tattoo ideas, tree tattoo art to Personalize yourselves.

city type

I want to travel. I want to leave the country and travel the world. First, I want to go to Europe. I want to stay for a while and visit many countries. I want to experience the world and see all the beautiful things there are to see in Europe.