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space piece side tattoos for girls

Geometric space tattoo including the planet Saturn by Nick Friederich.

laurel wreath tattoo-46

Laurel wreath is a sign of achievement and perfection. Throughout history, laurel leaves have symbolized nobility, triumph, and victory; the famous crowns

Black Rose Tattoo-5

Rose flower tattoo designs can also go in a number of styles and placements with respect to the message one would like to convey. A black rose is sometimes

colorful dream catcher tattoo-10

Colorful dream catcher tattoo creations are contemporary in design, with smooth, simple lines and lovely combinations of colors. These dream catchers will add beauty to any part in your body, and make thoughtful and unique tattoos.

Jason DeCaires

OUR HISTORY - Beautiful underwater sculpture, in Grenada, in honor of African Ancestors who were thrown overboard the slave ships during the Middle Passage of the African Holocaust


Basket, Korea

moleskine arts

Open w/ Angel// I sat alone in the art room during my free period. I open my sketch book and start doodling. While I doodle, I hum "coming down" by Halsey.