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Recipe: Neenish Tarts - Viva

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Classic melting moments. Photo / Donna Hay Magazine

About how to make delicious ginger gems.

Sweet & Saucy: Homemade Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

This a an old classic recipe I remember from growing up. My dad loves it and I had forgotten about it for ages. Then just the other day I had some left over egg whites and I was trying to find so...

Baileys ginger kisses – Recipes – Bite

New Zealand Food | ... , finding delicious food along the way – What to Eat in New Zealand

Maori Bread

Maori Fry Bread - Made this yesterday 28.01.2013 -- My first attempt.. Delicious. Recipe here:

Custard Squares. This recipe could just about be my crowning glory! These are my take on ones from I enjoyed from my childhood, the custard was rich and silky smooth, the pastry crispy. My heart skips a beat just thinking about them. Hopefully these will change your life - like it did mine! You can find this recipe in Homemade Happiness - you can buy your own signed copy by clicking on the image (New Zealand residents only sorry).