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a zebra laying on top of a bed next to a sign that reads, my tollance for people lasts sorry this long
the therapy dog after i share all my problems
the sesame character has two eyes and is looking at the camera with an angry look on his face
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a little boy walking on the sidewalk with his foot in the air
a troll with long hair and yellow eyes looks at the camera while text reads, when the netflix asks if it's still watching and u see ur reflection in the black screen
a train on fire with the caption how was my day? it was the lovechild of a train wreck and a dumpster fire
Flaming Dumpster Train
a man with long hair wearing a bow tie
a woman laying in bed reading a book with the caption i woke up this morning determined to do the laundry, clean the house and exercise
50 Artworks That Were Too Good Not To Be Turned Into Memes
an animated character with the caption when you hate people but you're in the service industry
25 I Hate People Memes For Those Difficult Days -
15 I Hate People Memes That Perfectly Sums It Up |
kermie the frog with text that reads, i don't know about you, but i've thought about about running away more as an adult than ever did as a kid
Women Behaving Badly on Instagram: "Who wants to drive down to the beach and drink margs all day??"
a man with his hand on his chest and the caption that reads, when someone asks how long we've been underrateded god let this place a long time ago