...unfollow trends, be unique, bring back the old...like people with common sense...
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a black and white photo with the words family court written in bold font on it
Family Court’s Procedural Abuse and Parental Alienation
a blue bird logo on a white background
Semicolon Butterfly Suicide Awareness Your Story Isn't Over yet SVG, PNG, JPG Cricut & Silhouette Digital File - Etsy
marilyn monroe quote on white brick wall with black lettering that says i believe that everything happens for a reason
"I believe everything happens for a reason - Marilyn Monroe Quote" Canvas Print for Sale by inspirational4u
****gets old....
the words let your haters be your motivators on a black background with blue ink
X. It’s what’s happening
...be inspired to inspire! Move on.. Dont let ppl bring you down. Show them you are a good person and just live your own life, no one else is living yours, they dont know everything about you.
a quote that reads, i act differently around different people it's not because i am
Different people, Different comfort zones