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Acute Hip Pain - Trochanteric Bursitis -the current annoyance.

are many causes of hip pain and often an x-ray will be required to make a diagnosis. Symptoms include limping, possibly due to pain travelling into your gluteal muscles and down the outside of your leg - similar to sciatic nerve pain - or into your back.

Face masks are used since ages for various skin issues or just maintain healthy skin. There are tons of commercially available face masks but not all work;

22 Of The Best Face Serums You Can Get On Amazon

Get ready for a serious glow-up!

Having trouble sleeping? Trying to reach deeper states of meditation? Want to try lucid dreaming? The answer to your questions may lie in your Third Eye.

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Lack of sleep can affect your personal and professional life and trigger various health problems. While there are many medicinal ways to cure insomnia, one of the natural remedies is using pressure points to induce sleep.

1 Weird Trick That Forces Your Body to Heal Psoriasis In As Little As 7 Days

How To Use EFT Tapping To Reverse Self-Sabotage And Program Your Subconscious Mind For Success. Click Image for More Info...

12 EFT Tapping Scripts To Clear Self-Sabotage and Program Your Mind for Success

Coconut Oil uses

50 things you didn't know about coconut oil. So many coconut oil uses for skin, face, lips and hair!

natural remedies

Natural remedies - Natural Remedies for the Chicken Pox by johanna

Murphy bed for a van - Imgur

I think putting a murphy bed in a DIY van conversion is a great idea.

EFT tapping is a unique therapy for letting go of our emotional baggage. Learn techniques to try at home and takeoff into fall feeling your absolute best.

All of us suffer from anxiety at some point in our lives, since it is a natural human reaction to stress. Choosing a natural anxiety treatment is important.