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he Mirrored Night Sky © Xiaohua Zhao (China) An enthralled stargazer is immersed in the stars as the luminous purple sky is mirrored in the thin sheet of water across the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

In The South is there is always room to run. Fields and Fields of just grass. Where you can actually see the stars at night....

Luv this long dirt reminds me of my grandma's farm AND a dirt road we traveled several times from Pienza to Monticchiello that reminded us of grandma's farm!

I could stare at this photo all day! #traveltips

Highway 30 by Jake Olson Studios on A road to tomorrows Sunsets coming from todays sorrows and Joy's Triumph's and Failures, but down the road is always another mile another Chance. Little Becomes Much when God is in it!

Running away into paradise is such a temptation

Running away into paradise is such a temptation . Look at all that open road, how can I not run through it?