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Jen Selter.

JEN SELTER HOME WORK-OUT VIDEO; ‘Just because you don't have a gym, does not mean you can't get a good workout done inside your house! Make exercise a priority!

Jen Selter Fitness: Photo.... How is she so thin and still have a butt?! Impossible! I'm very jealous.

JEN SELTER work-out: 300 reps for abs! 30 Crunches 30 Toe touches 20 Bicycle crunches 20 Reverse crunches 15 side plank hip lifts (R) 30 crunches 15 side plank hip lifts (L) 40 Russian Twists 30 Bicycle crunches 15 Oblique V-ups (R) 20 Reverse crunches

Jen Selter . Im def working on my butt . Im so petite. Beach season is coming !!

The Jen Selter workout involves a lot of butt, abs and legs workouts. Jen Selter has made herself famous by taking Butt Selfies.

Jen Selter Fitness

Squat with Jump - Burn 210 calories in 15 minutes --------------------------------------------------you're serious? Who the hell wants to do straight squats for 15 minutes and burn only 215 calories?