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I did this to my friends one time and they laughed then looked me straight in the eye and said ha ha that was stupid lol but funny😂😂

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I do this frantically every time I have headphones in for the first like 10 mins, especially if it's really quiet around me 😊

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Expecially saying something stupid. One time on career day a cop said that if u wanted to use a tazer u had to get tazed. So I asked does that mean u have to get shot if u want to use a gun

I thought this pin was fitting for the board title I put it under! Lol | Teenager Posts | Pinterest | Perfect definition, Enemies and So true

I thought this pin was fitting for the board title I put it under!

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Bed time and having to pee

That annoying moment when you finally get comfortable in bed, but then BAM, have to pee. Laugh of the Day: 9 December

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