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the poster for don't and the dymatos at kalaokari tavern
an image of two geese with the words don't be a silly goose on them
Poster a Day — Don’t be a Silly Goose | Jess Heng
the student graphic design awards poster
Pinterestable Work — Shanti Sparrow
a red butterfly sitting on top of a blue background with the words butterfly written below it
SPIRIT ANIMAL | butterfly, double exposure, illustration, collage, risoprint grainy photo effect
Risoprint collage | SPIRIT ANIMAL | What is your spirit animal? Like it or not, people and nature are very connected - space, planets, stars, animals and even plants. The series of risoprint graphics present our real persona and our spiritual twin - our spirit animal.
🎱 Retro Logos, Logos, Logo Inspiration, Stickers
three red lips on top of each other in front of a newspaper with the word,'voque style '