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three different lighting fixtures are shown in this image, and there is also a lamp on the wall
Modern Luxury Lighting at 50% Off (or more) ★★★★★ (5/5)
a green glass bottle hanging on the wall next to a metal pole with a handle
11 Must-See Lighting Designs from ICFF 2017 - Metropolis
Wall Light
a room with some lights on the wall
Delta Light - Award winning luminaires
#deltalight // Kreative #Wandbeleuchtung
a man walking through a dark tunnel with rain coming from the ceiling and lights shining down on him
Rain Room | MoMA
Случайная International. Дождь номер. 2012. Фото любезно предоставлено художника
three black and white lights hanging from a wooden ceiling with stars on the light bulbs
this would be so pretty lit up at night. it looks like theres a light in the ornament and then you would just have to drill a bunch of small holes so the light could peek threw.
a white and blue vase sitting on top of a table next to a light fixture
Bread Clip Lamp - Will Krause This lamp was made for a “found object” lamp project.
several lamps hanging from the ceiling in a room with yellow walls and blue patterned flooring
Inside the pages of Inside Out
Inside the pages of Inside Out
two vases with flowers are hanging from the rafters above a dining room table
Cuivre - Lili in wonderland
Interior – dining area Copper pendants Roof beams | Rose Gold | Home Decor Ideas