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a baby is sitting in a wicker basket
The Wahakura Project - Māori SIDS
a person cutting up some grass with scissors
How to make a Pikau (Backpack) from Harakeke/NZ Flax (Phormium)
a close up of a flower on a table with text overlay that reads, what the saint did next?
How To Make A Flax Flower – A Step By Step Guide
a gold and silver brooch with large spirals on it's back end
Home | www.wildsandsweaving.co.nz / natural fibre handwoven wall art sculptures
a woman is sitting on the floor with a large hat in her lap and looking at the camera
Wahakura tips and tricks
two baskets that are sitting on a table
Harakeke Potae / Flax Hats
three woven baskets sitting next to each other on a white surface with one empty basket in the middle
Harakeke weaving workshop 30 April 2016 9.30am-4.30pm
a circular object made out of sticks with a hole in the middle on a white wall
One Year of Weaving Harakeke/Flax
two pictures one with green grass and the other has a woven piece of material on it
How To Make A Flax Flower – A Step By Step Guide
a green basket sitting on top of a wooden table next to some plants and trees
traditional flax weaving: wahakura