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Hunger games

Woah she's my second fave tribute in the first games (after foxface) I know this is just a fan fiction but its still amazing

*no caption needed, speaks for itself*

There needs to be more in the Hunger Games series! One more book, ok two more, ok all Hunger Games fans want like 75 more Hunger Games books and movies with the same cast from the first four Hunger Games movies.


Funny pictures about Hunger Games: mind blown. Oh, and cool pics about Hunger Games: mind blown. Also, Hunger Games: mind blown.

Prim :3

I always feel so bad for Prim when I watch the films cuz time and tragedy forced her to grow up too quickly. She was just a child, having to watch her sister fight to the death twice, her home destroyed, then killed trying to save others.

The trees in the HUnger games, catching fire, and mockingjay...why did I never notice?!????!!

For each book/movie there is a certain tree-- Hunger Games - The willow tree Catching Fire - The lightning tree Mockingjay - The hanging tree

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

Hunger Games and Divergent.which in your opinion is better? I haven't read divergent.I think hunger games.Hunger Games is awesome compared to divergent.<<< I don't really think that Divergent was anywhere near as good as the hunger games

These things have taught me more than what school has taught me in all my school life

Stories can tell so much more than just straight-up facts. But school is awesome too :) <<<< Ex-squeeze me! Schools don't teach any of those things. School time should be book time.