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two birds perched on the branches of a tree next to a branch with leaves and flowers
1889 Alphabet Etchings
an old book with black and white illustrations on the page, in latin writing that reads stand out from the rest of the image
Letra E
a drawing of a horse running through a circular frame with swirly designs on it
An Alphabet of Organic Type (ca.1650)
Libellus Novus Elementorum Latinorum – designed by the Polish goldsmith Jan Christian Bierpfaff (1600-ca.1690) and engraved by fellow-countryman Jeremias Falck (1610–1677). See more at: http://publicdomainreview.org/collections/an-alphabet-of-organic-type-ca-1650/#sthash.UKJTW9MO.dpuf
an old book with some type of writing on the page and it is black and white
"Letra C"
the letter d is decorated with flowers and leaves in an old style font that reads ensativo
"Letra P"