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Coincidence Or Not??

Coincidence Or Not? No its not a coincidence you idiot, some loser sat down and figured that out, instead of actually doing anything productive or interesting with their valuable, short and precious lives they made a dumb post to impress people.

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo on Twitter: "#MoonLovers #ScarletHeartRyeo Park Ji Young posted a photo of the cast on her instagram! #달의연인_보보경심려"

Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - casts’ group photo cr: queen_j.

Lol did it. Had the nerve to look at me crazy. Free country bitch, don't get smacked. When I asked if you had a problem you wanted to act mute, scary ass.

too funny. how uncomfortable for the other person.they dont know howto act

pinterest: @renaejadee

Sorry had to repost cuz I swear I did wrong and people don't like me and yet they worried what I am doing and how I act like no back up if u hate me so much