Sassy gerard way

Sassy gerard way

Antisocial, socially awkward and Gerard Way describe me. I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone. 2001-2013
Sassy gerard way
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The sheriff of emo town...okay. Never heard that one before.

The sheriff of emo town. Never heard that one before.>>>>>> he said it kinda in a concert he said "My name is Gee Way and i'm the new sheriff in town" I guess emo town works too

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way with his pink pillow. <3

And here you can see Gerard Way, member of the most dangerous band in the world, leader of the black parade and part of the legendary killjoys, taking a nap on a pink pillow

I just love the support the Way brothers give each other.  It's nice to see family sticking together.  I hope my children stay as close as these two are when they grow up

Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance<<<< gerard looks like mikeys girlfriend

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard and Mikey Way

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard and Mikey Way brothers of MCR


the persons url though. ieros-and-milk i cant <<< hahahahahahaha